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I've become very annoyed with our Football Team. Last year, we only won one game in the entire season. Last Thursday was our first game. The opposing team scored a touchdown in the first five minutes of the game. Myself, and the rest of the band didn't even get into our seats after our Pre-Game when it happened. I sat down, looked up at the scoreboard, and saw that the other team had already scored. We were slaughtered. 9-39. I mean, what does our Football Team even do during the summer? I see them practicing on my way to band for our own practice. I just don't understand it. I often think the band could play football better than them. Sigh, such frustration.


Another depressing thought: it's been an entire year without internet at home. Yes, folks, that's right. I do not have the internet at home. Financially, we've been struggling a bit, so we were behind on our internet bill. They cut us, and so I've been driving to my church—it's only three minutes away—for their free Wifi. Yes, so when my 'Location' says I'm in my car, I'm really in my car. That's where I do my internet things. On brighter news, since school is starting up again—first day is tomorrow, ugh—my parents have told me that we're going to get the internet. We're going to try the AT&T thing, with the wireless network. That would be amazing to me. Then I could be online, in my bedroom, all the time. That won't be happening for a few more weeks though. Sad sigh.


On awesomer news: I was watching TVGuide today, and they were having the 'Countdown to the Emmy's thing. Who did I see? The sexy and unfairly attractive Michael Emerson! I love when he gives tours of his house. And that picture of himself? MMM, I want to hang that right above my bed. I love seeing his drawings. Is there anything that man can't do? And then Carrie was there; that was fantastic! They even had a little fashion update with her at the end. I just love that Michael and Carrie are both becoming more famous and more paid-attention-to now.


Speaking of Carrie, I watched Duality on Friday night, and she was in it! I nearly choked on the ice cream I was having when she suddenly appeared on screen. It was FANTABULOUS!! I love Carrie; not in the same way that I do Michael, but I definitely would love to get to know her and become her bestie. Yes, bestie. Because then I'd be even closer to Michael, MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!


Anyway, my fingers are crossed for Michael this year. Last year, the Emmy was SO RUDELY stolen from him. By Juliet's ex-husband nonetheless. I've refused to watch Mad Men because of that. At least he's not nominated this year. And Lost is nominated too, that's just brilliant! It's going to be a crazy night, Emmy night.


School starts tomorrow. Bleh. More work, less life. Senior year too. Really busy. I'm on the Yearbook, as well as NHS, in Band, and possibly Science Olympiad—if I want to be, that is—so I don't get a breather this year. I'm a little nervous about all the of the things I have to do. I mean, I need to prepare for college, look for scholarships, plan my steps toward my career. Phew, it's all very hectic. I suppose all I can do it take it step by step.


Sheesh, I wrote a lot.

Day Two--ish


It's been a few days since my last post. Band Camp is going along well. We've been working on our third drill and song. Just started on the fourth. Goodness, I'm exhausted though. I needed this weekend. I watched Valkyrie for the first time on Friday Night. I was surprised with some of the actors that were in it. Professor Lockhart, Davy Jones, King Theodon. They were all in it!

We watched Paul Blart: Mall Cop the next day. It wasn't as funny as I thought it would be, but I did enjoy it. The bad guys were kickass though! They can jump SO much than I ever could or ever will.

Ooh, I finally  got my Senior Pictures taken care of. I HAVE SO MANY TO CHOOSE  FROM!! It's insane! I really like the outdoor ones, but I also like the ones where I'm playing with this Charlie Chaplin hat. It's SWEET!! I actually wanted to keep that hat, since I'm thinking about dressing up as Charlie Chaplin for Halloween.

As for today, I went around trying to sell advertisement space for the Yearbook. I'm working on the Yearbook this year at my high school. Boy, is it a lot of work. Groan. I really need some Lost in my life right now.

Day One
Hello all! After years of using Livejournal for entertainment purposes, I have finally decided to actually make an account. I figured that I could have so much more fun if I actually made friends and could talk to people about our favorite fandoms. So, I'm not really sure what one does on a Livejournal. Shall I speak about my plans today? Sounds logical to me!

So, as Band Camp has started, I have been horribly exhausted every night. This is week two of three weeks of hard, leg-cramping, lung-stretching work. Luckily, our hours are now Four PM to Nine PM. This gives me an opportunity to actually go on the internet. Yeah, Band Camp. What memories.

That's really all my day consists of. I plan on watching some Season Five of Lost. I'm really excited about that since I'm watching my favorite episode of that season. "Dead is Dead." Of course, any episode with a certain Benjamin Linus is an awesome one. Except "Eggtown." That one has no excuse.

Now, I plan on finding other Lost and Harry Potter lovers and befriending them! Yay Cyber space!!

PS: I really need to find a usperic . . . boring!
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